I want to work in Video Games

Game Jobs


Learning to code because you like playing video games is like becoming a welder because you like riding roller coasters. The skills you need to play games does not really transfer to the skills you need to make games. That's okay, but be forewarned that Unity, and programing in general, can be REALLY freaking frustrating.
Working in the game industry is usually on a game by game basis. Hours are long and you work them because you may go a while between gigs. Actors do not make residuals. It can be a fun way to work, but a lot of people burn out too.

How to get to be the game designer

  1. Get good at something and work your way up. Become the lead programmer or lead artist or led something. You don't have to be good at everything but you need to understand the process really well. The skills are similar to being a movie director.
  2. Make your own game by yourself or with a small team.
  3. both 1 and 2.