Recaman's sequence


Welcome to New Media Junior Seminar.

This semester we will be doing a few different things.

Major Projects

  1. Group AI project
  2. Group show (individual pieces in a popup show)
  3. Group final project (TBD)


There are two major reseaources. for collecting sources, and On Writing Well, a great book about writing. Both are linked under resources.


“Participation” is a big part of this class. I put participation in quotes because that doesn't mean you have to be the most demonstrative person in class. There will be lots of avenues to participate if you are an introvert. Attendance is a great first step to ensuring a passing grade.


Miss 4 classes and you will fail. You've all taken classes before so you all know the drill, if you “skip” three classes and then have to miss a 4th class because you have a legitimate excuse, you still fail. Best way to understand this is to just come to class and not make it an issue.

Kim Detterbeck is an art and media librarian.


Fall Visiting Artists

Oct 3rd- Miho Hatori - An artist/musician engaged in sound and performance in collaboration with others across a wide variety of contexts. She also was founding member of the seminal NYC punk band Cibo Matto in the mid 90's.
Nov 7th- Fia Backström - An artist who works in a wide range of media, including writing, performance, installation, ephemera, audiovisual means, photography, and formats of display. Her practice occasionally incorporates works by other artists frequently and peers, visitors, and institutional staff alike are invited to participate.
Dec 5th- John Michael Boling - Originally a net artist and video artist, has since moved into larger video production using Blender. A little bit about his current animated video project Culturesport.