Thursday 2:30 to 6:10
Instructor: Joe McKay joseph.mckay at
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My office is room 1007 of Natural Science, (James Bond += 1000).

The internet has dramatically change the course of western history. Being able to create and design our own websites gives us an incredible ability to affect the culture around us. Web skills today are what typing skills were 30 years ago. Yes, you could have someone (or something) do it for you – but those with the knowledge and skill have the real power. Fortunately for us, it's actually not that hard, and perhaps even more importantly, it's fun.

In this class we will learn a lot of HTML, CSS, a smattering of JavaScript, and a brief introduction to some modern web development environments. We will learn the elements of good web design for both the computer and the mobile internet.

We will be looking at how the web works, culturally as well as technically. This means a look at the history of the beginnings of the web as well as a deeper look at how it influences our world today. We will be examining artist that use the internet in various different ways to create their work.

Learning Outcomes
By the end of this class you will be able to create a simple, modern, website. You will have an understanding of how the web was created and what issues are at stake in changing the web in the future. You will be exposed to some artists that use the web as a medium/tool to create their work. You will be making your own sites and be asked to bring your creativity, care, and critical thinking to the creation of these sites.

Class time will be divided into lectures, discussions, tutorials and in-class work time.
This work will be comprised of:

You should have a USB thumb-drive or some type of external storage that you can dedicate to this class. You can pick up a 8 BG drive for around 10 bucks, and that will be plenty big enough. If you complain about the price of this I will go on a long rant about how much storrage cost "in my day" and trust me, nobody wants that to happen.

Trust me, leaving your work on these computers is risky - they get cleaned perioudically. Yes, once we have server access you can leave your files there, but a thumb drive allows you to work on your website even when you have no access to the internet.

There is no textbook for this class, however, there is a resources tab that we will fill with usefull links as the class prgresses.

Readings and viewings:
Most weeks you will have a reading assignment. You will be required to write a short response to the readings we do. These need to be upleaded through moodle before the class begins. The responses are designed for you to be prepared for class discussion - in some cases I may pose questions for you to respond to.

Everyone will get their own folder on the school's server. We will be using this folder to put up files online that will be visible to the whole web. If you do not want to have your work online come see me and we can work something else out.

The web is full of nasty stuff. And the art world is full of adult ideas. I'm going to be showing you a lot of art on the web – potentially a perfect storm of things your mother doesn't want you to know about. I will try my best to avoid offensive imagery, but it's the ever changing nature of the web that something offensive things might appear on screen. I will try to give fair warning if there is potential of this happening.

Warning II:
While I want you to explore the medium and speak your mind as much as possible, please keep your sites free of hate speech. Be mindful of and respectful of your fellow students.

Warning III:
Teaching in a room full of computers is like teaching in a room full of kittens - loads of distractions. Please no email/ texting/ facebooking/ twittering (unless, of course, its part of the coursework). This is especially true when I, or one of your fellow students are addressing the class. I promise you the virtual world will still be there when class is over.

Time Expectations
This is not a hard class if you put the work in. But you need to structure your life so that you are spending significant time outside of class working. The school says to expect 2 hours of work outside of class for each hour in class.

The final course grade will be determined as follows:

Please feel free to bring your own computer to class to work on. You do not need to pay for fancy software to make websites. However, I am not going to troubleshoot your computer for you so you'll be responsible for your own machine. If it goes down I will expect you to use the computer in the lab. Back up your work - "my computer crashed" is not a valid reason for unfinished homework.

You are allowed no more than three absences. This is to allow for things like illness and family emergencies. The good news is, you don't need to tell me why you are missing class because you're adults that are paying to be here so I assume you have a good reason. The bad news is there are no excpetions to the rule. There's no such thing as having an excuse so it "doesn't count".
tl:dr - don't miss class unless you REALLY have to, but if you do, don't feel like you need to justify it to me.