Senior Seminar 2017/18
With Joe McKay


Joe McKay
7:00 - 8:10 Wednesday Evening
Building: Social Sciences 1003 (other section is in Humanities 2059)
Office hours Thursdays 12-2

FCC coments close tonight
This class is designed to help you to create the best senior project and paper possible. How do you present yourself and your ideas with confidence but not arrogance - with specific detail but not monotonous boredom? In school this problem can seems superfluous, but out of school it can be insurmountable.

Goal of the semester:
- At the end of the semester the first ten pages of your research paper are due.
- You will have some tangible progress towards your final project.
- You will begin developing your website (every project will have an accompanying website).
- you will have at least one critique this semester on your work.
- you will attend and be prepared to talk about the visiting lecturers

Critique etiquette (Critetiquette?)
The crit is as much a learning process for the critiquers as it is for the critiqued. Yes it can be a challenge to engage in work that you are not drawn to, but this is sort of the point. please pay attention and stay engaged throughout class.

There are a lot us, and class is short so we will NEED to start on time. Do not show up 5 - 10 minutes late because you will miss important details. I will do my best to be in the room 10 minutes before class begins. There will be two crits each during the semester. In your first you can do a powerpoint presentation (or whatever) that describes your project and a look at what you will be researching. In the second we need to see progress. This means I do not want to see updated powerpoints for your second crit, I want to see actual work. If you are making a documentary, we need to see footage, if it's an interactive installation have a test of the interactivity for us to try, if it's a game have the first level ready for play-testing. You need to use and take advantage of your crits. They are here to help your project and to get ideas and feedback.

Senior show probably seems like a long way off, but this is going to be the fastest year of your life. Start early and don't wait. Get a notebook dedicated to the senior project. Always be reading, writing, and making. Chop your goals into small doable tasks and start one of those tasks RIGHT AWAY!
If you are thinking that maybe it's time to stop playing drums in your cousin's band then let be the first to say "yes, it is". Your cousin will still need a drummer this time next year, that or the new drummer is going to be way better than you. Point is, you'll need some extra time this year.

You have to come to class. In fact, this is the most important class that you are taking all year, so there’s no excuse not to come. I will be taking attendance and missing more than three will affect your grade. This includes the lecture series!


Role of the Advisor
You should meet with your advisor and discuss with them the progress you are making. Show them your timeline, bibliography, artist statements, and paper. Do not neglect this very important step in your senior project - your advisor is here to help.
This means YOU have to be responsible to make and keep appointments. We are all busy but make sure you stay on top of it.

Field Trip!
There will be a field trip to the city. We’ll try to let you know asap when this will be so you can work it into your work schedule. I will be going to the Maker Faire on the weekend of Sept 20-21. I'll let you know what day I plan to attend.
Maker Faire September 23 & 24,
I'm probably going to this


Fall Visiting Artists

Oct 3rd- Miho Hatori - An artist/musician engaged in sound and performance in collaboration with others across a wide variety of contexts. She also was founding member of the seminal NYC punk band Cibo Matto in the mid 90's.
Nov 7th- Fia Backström - An artist who works in a wide range of media, including writing, performance, installation, ephemera, audiovisual means, photography, and formats of display. Her practice occasionally incorporates works by other artists frequently and peers, visitors, and institutional staff alike are invited to participate.
Dec 5th- John Michael Boling - Originally a net artist and video artist, has since moved into larger video production using Blender. A little bit about his current animated video project Culturesport. Dates